Ways You Can Support Life, Experienced Podcast

First of all, thank you for visiting this page and my podcast’s website. If you aren’t familiar with me or my motivations for the show, I encourage you to read the About page and come back here.

I produce this podcast as a hobby, so I didn’t expect that I’d be able to earn any amount of income from producing the show. However, it’s been incredible to find out about various avenues of earning for creating content in today’s digital world.

That’s where you come in!

You’re a listener, which means you enjoy my content and value being able to listen. That humbles me as a content creator, because out of the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there today, you’ve picked mine! I truly appreciate that, and I hope that my show continues to be worth your time.

That being said, here are just some of the ways you can support my show:

1. Listen

You’re probably already doing this, so thank you! Thanks to the platform I use to distribute my podcast (Anchor.fm), every time someone listens or downloads one of my episodes through Anchor or another podcast outlet, I receive small payments from advertisers (you’ll hear ads at the beginning of Season 1’s episodes and in the middle of Season 2’s episodes). This amounts to somewhere between $0.01 and $0.02, but it’s still something! Anchor pairs my show with advertisers that allow me to create the ads and implement them in the way I want, so they aren’t obtrusive. It’s just me talking about great opportunities!

This means that by listening, you’re already supporting the show! That’s why sharing the show means so much to me. Anyone you refer to the show ultimately helps me produce the podcast. So just keep listening!

2. Support through Anchor

Anchor.fm has been a great place to host my podcast. If you’re interested in starting your own, I recommend checking it out!

Through my show’s page on Anchor.fm, you can directly support the show via a monthly contribution! These contributions pay out alongside any ad revenue I earn via the service, so it integrates extremely well!

All you have to do is go to my show’s Anchor homepage, click the purple “Support this Podcast” button, and you’ll see this:

It’s simple and easy if you want to make a monthly contribution!

3. Patreon

If you’re interested in monthly donations to the show and you’d like to get a few extra perks, head over to my Patreon page for the show. Monthly contributions will get you some rewards, like access to unedited versions of the interviews I conduct, as well as production credits! You could get your name in each episode of the show as an underwriter!

Tiers start at $1/month, so it’s super easy to get started. Just head over to Patreon to support my show today!

4. The STEEM Blockchain

In the credits of each show, you’ve heard me say that the show is “distributed via DSound, a decentralized audio-sharing platform built on the STEEM blockchain.” Here’s what that means:

Each week, I share episodes of the show on my DSound profile. Other users of the website DSound can “like” my posts, and because it’s blockchain-based, those “likes” translate into earnings via a digital token (otherwise known as a cryptocurrency) called STEEM. My show earns revenue based on these votes!

One way you can support the show is to sign up for a STEEM account and vote for my content! It’s easy to get started even if you’ve never heard of cryptocurrencies. I developed a series of blog posts that can help you get started, so if you want to learn more about digital currencies and support the show at the same time, check it out!

5. The Brave Browser

Now that I’ve started talking about cryptocurrencies, there’s yet another way to support my show that involves a blockchain.

Chances are, you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to view this post (or Safari for the Mac and iPhone folks). There’s a new browser on the scene called Brave that allows you to not only browse the Web more securely (it automatically blocks harmful ads and scripts), but it also allows you to contribute to your favorite content creators simply by browsing to their web pages.

This website is verified through Brave’s payment system, so if you download and install the browser today and begin using it to visit this website, I can earn small amounts of digital tokens! If this is at all interesting to you, find out more here.

6. Keep Listening (and sharing)!

Finally, the best way for you to support the show is to continue enjoying the content. Since this is a side hobby, I’m not looking to turn the show into my career. It’s a fun project that has allowed me to meet new people, learn their stories, and gather interesting perspectives from across the human experience. I’m glad you’re along for the ride as a listener.

That being said, each time you talk about my show with your friends in person, on social media, or via text messages or calls, you’re helping. I appreciate each and every one of you, so thank you so much.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below or reach out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or via email.

Thanks for reading!