Podcast Business Journal Features Interview with Life, Experienced Creator Ethan D. Smith

The all-new Podcast Business Journal just launched their first articles and newsletter! The PBJ will feature news and interviews about podcasting that will be delivered directly to your email inbox!

I’m very excited to announce that I, Ethan D. Smith, have been featured in an interview piece for the launch of the PBJ, where they had this to say about the show:

Say hello to Ethan Smith. He’s 25 years old and has an incredible passion for podcasting. Ethan hosts a podcast called “Life, Experienced,” which focuses on interviewing interesting people. He says, while hiking with his wife one day, they were discussing their interesting experiences in life. And just like that the idea for a podcast was born.

You can read my entire interview with the PBJ here!

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Thanks so much to Ed Ryan, the editorial director for the Podcast Business Journal for featuring my interview.